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Perth Reunion
July 3, 2014
(Aug 17)

Forces celebrate Hari Raya
at the VI - 1952
(Aug 16)

Opening of the VI
July 30, 1894
(Jan 21)

120th Anniv of Founding
Where Great Names went to study
(Dec 19)

90th Anniversary Dinner
(Oct 28)

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    The story of
    VI's Golden Age !

    - CLICK for details -

                VICTORIAN LIU TAI MENG'S

    The Victoria Institution’s own budding cook,
    shares her passion, experience and culinary skills
    of 60 years, by self-publishing two relishing cookbooks
    1. Six Kitchens One Passion, published in 2010; and
    2. Seventh Kitchen One Passion … forthcoming in August 2013

    Liu Tai Meng (Mrs Low Siew Nghee) joined the V. I. in 1962 after completing her secondary education in the Methodist Girls’ School, Kuala Lumpur. Upon graduating from the University of Malaya, with BA (Hons) in 1967, she flew to Vancouver, married her love, a Singapore Colombo Plan scholar, who was pursuing a Master of Business Administration course. They then returned to Singapore in 1968, joined the Singapore Education Service, and started teaching at St Joseph’s Institution; later at St Patrick’s School in 1969; and ended up at the Catholic Junior College in 1976. Teaching Geography and General Paper, she later became the Acting Head of Department (Humanities) in 1983 and the Head of Department in 1986. She was appointed the Vice-Principal in 1988, a position, she held for 18 years until retirement in 2005.

    Tai Meng's interest in cooking started at an early age, observing and assisting her grandmother in the kitchen daily. Being the eldest daughter, and blessed with voracious appetites of an older brother (Victorian Liu Tai Fung) and six younger siblings, they were willing food-testers. Elder brother, Tai Fung, was regularly organizing house parties…hence the finessing of recipes were given more discerning tests. Her passion in cooking became more evident and intent when she delved into it under her teacher-mentor and renowned Cookbook author, Lee Sook Ching.

    Seventh Kitchen One Passion: A passionate seventh-kitchen of delectable treasures! Forthcoming in August 2013...

    Mrs. Low’s first cook book, Six Kitchens One Passion, written with flair and unique format, revealed her deep passion and joy in cooking of more than fifty years. It was a dream-come-true adventure as it provided personal anecdotal accounts of her experience in cooking and the people who had shared that experience with her. This book was also a poignant but well-woven autobiography that traces her 50 years of Malaysian cooking and heritage (from the tender age of 12), and documenting the people, places and culture that have influenced her. This treasury of self-published recipes and stories was launched in January 2010. Often the true test of one’s achievements can only be proven by one’s second publication! Therefore her second publication, Seventh Kitchen One Passion is regarded by Mrs. Low as a very bold step! Seventh Kitchen One Passion serves as a sequel that permits Mrs. Low to add richer repertoire of recipes, including recently discovered old family treasures. Together with new creations for your palate, this new publication also offers memorable meals and experiences! Thus, one can declare that Seventh Kitchen One Passion is a new-found treasure for your kitchen! A treasure captured and accompanied with pictorials of mouth-watering dishes! A treasure that should adorn your kitchen shelf! Besides, in the creation of this book, she meticulously shared and tested each development with her sated friends and former students!


    Chung Chee Min is looking for Wong Seng Gay U6B2 1959, Science teacher, San Peng Rd Sch, MBS KL

    Chang Soo Kong is looking for Lim Pang Hon U6B1 1962, BSc (Hons) UM 1966, Lever Brothers 66-?? Located 18/1/12

    Chang Soo Kong is looking for Tan Hak Lim U6B1 1962, BSc (Hons) UM 1966, hometown Seremban

    Chang Soo Kong is looking for Low Koon Chuan U6B1 1962, BSc (Hons) UM 1967, lived in Sentul

    Alan Tan Woo Tee is looking for John Kay Soon Hon PRES then VI 1958 1962. He lived in London. Wife Helen Kay runs a website. Was with IBM as a Computer Operator.

    Alan Tan Woo Tee is looking for Eric Tan (Form 1) in VI in 1962 or 1961. A swimmer, water polo player, tall and lanky. Met him in UK M'sian Golfing Soc. Goes to mainland China a lot. Last place he lived in was Milton Keynes, in East Anglia. Located 12/9/12

    Please email here with any information.

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    Created: 7 March 1995.
    Last update: August 18, 2014.

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