King Scouts / Queen Scouts / Pengakap Raja

First postwar King Scout

he King Scout/ Queen Scout/ Pengakap Raja (the name varies according to the sovereign), is the highest award in Scouting (presently reserved for Senior Scouts only) and is the ultimate aspiration for all V.I. Scouts. Versatility, hard work, patience, attention to detail, thorough knowledge of Scoutcraft, moral integrity – these are the attributes that one associates with a recipient of the award. The following is a list of V.I. Scouts who have won the award over the years and the (approximate) year in which they won it. ‘Winning it’ could mean either that he finished his test, or was standardised, or was presented with the award in that year. The list begins with Chief Patrol Leader Choong Wan Chan. In fact, there have been more King Scouts/ Queen Scouts/ Pengakap Raja than this list suggests, but their names were never recorded in the Scout reports of the Victorian magazines. Nonetheless, may this list be an inspiration to future generations of V.I. Scouts.

Choong Wan Chan (1922) *
Wan Chong Chow (1922)
Lee Ah Swee (1922)
Tei Keng Song (1932)
Seow Soo Sung (1932)
Ismail b. Mohd Ali (1936)
Yahya b. Sa’at (c. 1936-1938)
Ahmad Ghazalli b. Haji Kassim (c. 1937-39)
Mohd Noor b. Marahakim (1939)
Chai Fook Loong (1941)
Hooi Cheng Kwok (1941)
Mah Kee Soo (1941)
Surinder Singh Kandar (1950)**
Khong Kim Kong (1951)
K. Yogarajah (1951)
Mohd Ali (1951)
A. Tharmaratnam (1951)
Yoong Wah Pin (1952)
Kong Ted Yen (1953)
Mohd Hashim b. Mohd Ali (1953)
Sidek b. Jaafar (1954)
Omar bin Saman (1954)
Shuib b. Dato Ahmad (1954)
S Arnold (1955)
T Mahendran (1955)
Lee Chan (1956)
Low Thin Weng (1956)
Khoo Choong Keow (1956)
Teh Kein Seng (1956)
S. Sundram (1956)
Lee On Wing (1960)
Tan Soon Heng (1960)
Koh Tong Bak (1961)
Yee Sek Kum (1961)
Siew Chak Yun (1961)
Goh Poh Teck (1961)
Chong Sze Khean (1961)
Phua Juay Chee (1961)
Lim Pang Hon (1961)
Au-Yong Kun Ying
Kuan Beng Teik (1962)
Loe Tuck Yen
Lum Chee Soon (1962)
Koh Tong Chui (1963)
Ashok Kumar (1964)
Oh Seong Lye (1965)
Yap Piang Kian (1965)
S. Ramasamy (1965)
Ng Sing Peng (1965)
Chan Poh Sum (1965)
Kee Kim Chye (1965)
Lim Seong Ghee (1965)
Liew Kon Wui (1965)
Yap Peng Lee (1965)
Ong Huat Leng (1966)
Victor Sodhy (1966)
Ernest Yong Foo Yuen (1966)
Edward Sun (1966)
Ronnie Khoo Teck Sim (1966)
Wong Twee Juat (1968)
Heong Kong Luen (1968)
Donald Lee Lye Poh (1968)
Chan Tak Kwong (1968)
Liew Kon Swee (1968)
Saleem (1968)
Kuan Beng Wai (1968)
Wong Siew Hai (1968)
Shahul Hamid (1968)
Yong Yoon Shing (1968)
Ng Weng Kong (1968)
Anthony Sun (1968)
Soon Kean Tiong (1968)
Liew Tien Woon (1968)
Yong Lum Sang (1968)
William Ho (1969)
Wong Siew Kong (1969)
Lee Kum Fook (1970)
Chong Kok Weng (1970)
Chang Wei Shing (1970)
Yong Poh Heong (1971)
Cheong Chai Thim (1976)
Lee Chee Meng (1976)
Ravinthran Krishnan (1976)
Tan Eng Guan (1976)
Yam Teong Sian (1976)
Yeoh Tiang Eng (1976)
David Choong Chee Fong (1977)
Adrian Choong Teck Min (1977)
Lo Fook Loong (1977)
Woo Chong Hin (1977)
Yeoh Sock Siong (1977)
Ahmad Faudzi b. Abdul Razak (1984)
Azhar b. Ahmad (1984)
Yogesh Anand Nadarajan (2000)

* First King Scout in Kuala Lumpur
** First post-war King Scout in Kuala Lumpur

Note: If you know of any omitted name or wrong details on this list, please contact Loh Kok Kin.

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